• Transport system

    We transport our customers’ vehicles across Finland, in the Baltic region as well as along the international transport routes that connect continental Europe and Scandinavia to Finland. The daily transport operations are managed from our Turku, Hanko, Vantaa, Kotka and Paldiski customer service offices. All our service processes are managed in real time through our data system, which connects our logistics planners, customer service offices, drivers, terminal staff and management to one centralised data system.

    For transport booking and monitoring purposes, we offer versatile electronic management tools and automatic reporting.

    Transport system: Image #1

    Transport of new vehicles from ports

    Our transport system covers all core new vehicle import ports along the Gulf of Finland, and at the ports, we load vehicles daily for transportation to different car dealers and inland terminals for technical work. In Finland, we use three inland hubs in which the flow of vehicles from the many southern Finland ports are combined into efficient onward transportations. The terminals also provide our customers with a temporary storage option before the final delivery of their vehicles. We also utilise railway connections on a daily basis for our northern Finland transportations.

    Transfers between dealerships

    In addition to transporting new vehicles, our daily operations also include the transfer of vehicles between dealers. Thanks to our combined vehicle flows, we can cost-efficiently carry out different dealers’ individual transfers.


    Exhibition tours and dust-proof and other special transports

    Our flexible transport system enables us to carry out urgent transportations and other special schedules. We take care of annual exhibition transportations which cover the transport of one or more vehicles on a specific route and to a precise schedule.

    For special transportations, we have a fully enclosed and dust-proof car transport truck, which takes up to six cars. The fully enclosed transport fleet is used especially for motor shows and product launches.

    We take care of the transfer of large special vehicles and, for example, heavy machinery as a, so called, jockey service, which means that the vehicle is transferred on its own wheels. For precision deliveries of individual vehicles, we use a small enclosed trailer; thus, we can also deliver to places which would not be accessible with a large car transportation truck. We structure different transport solutions in which the car pick-up and main route transportation is performed on a normal car transport truck, and the transfer from the terminal to the final destination using special fleet, if necessary.

    Transport system: Image #3

    International transportations

    We regularly transport our customers’ vehicles from Sweden, Germany and elsewhere in Europe to Finland and from Finland to other parts of Europe. We offer flexible order quantities and fixed unit prices from individual vehicles to batches of dozens of vehicles. We can include a customs tax notification service to our transportations.

    We also offer a storage solution for imported vehicles, online storage management, technical inspections and vehicle modelling, wash and refurbishment to end-user standard, photography and recording the vehicles to sales systems as well as precision deliveries based on demand either to dealerships or the end-customer as per instructions.