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    In our Vantaa and Hanko-based technical Services, we offer our customers a wide range of options for new vehicle technical installations and accessories. In Vantaa, we are situated north of Ring III along the National Road 3. In Hanko, we are based in the Freeport area.

    Our service range for the importers and dealers of new cars includes a pre-delivery inspection (PDI) and service; post-production options; management of vehicle-specific materials and equipment, as well as, car washing and fuelling. Our services ensure that the technical specifications of a vehicle are of a desired and optimal standard before the delivery to the dealer.

    We carry out all our technical work as part of a highly specialised process. Each work stage and the process for individual vehicles is coordinated in real time through our IT system. The system also synchronises the technical work schedule with the vehicles’ transportation times. Our scheduling puts first and foremost the priorities the customer has set for the vehicle, but it also optimises all technical work and transport efficiency.

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    In the early 2000s, we started offering our customers post-production options for cars and utility vehicles. In the past more than 10 years, we have actively expanded our service selection, and today, we carry out installations of individual accessories as well as demanding customer-specific enhancements.  Just like with all our other work, quality is of primary importance. Our skilled staff help our customers to plan the final specification.

    Examples of car accessories:
    • Heating equipment and control unit
    • Tow bars
    • < >Windows and tinting
    • Interior lighting solutions
    • Seat protection
    • Additional external lights
    • Car graphics
    • Plywood lining
    • Roof racks and running boards
    • Interior protection
    • Cargo space solutions
    • Shelf and storage systems
    • Suspension kits
    • Skid plates
    • Media and entertainment systems
    • Tracking devices and alarm systems
    To guarantee an efficient logistics chain, we recommend that any additional post-production options are fitted in connection to the PDI. That means that all the work can be scheduled in before the vehicle’s arrival in the country. It also reduces the importers’ and dealers’ administrative workload caused by the coordination of post-production options and transportation. 

    In our post-production work, we aim to take into account those vehicles prioritised by the customers. Vehicles are deliver to the dealerships equipped with all the required extras to wait for the final handover to the end-customer.

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    Services for used cars

    In our Vantaa office, we offer an extensive selection of services for returned leasing cars and other used vehicles to prepare them for resale. Returned vehicles initially undergo a technical inspection and modelling after which any necessary repairs and refurbishment are carried out. The vehicles are photographed, and their details are entered into the customer’s sales system. We carry out all repairs and roadworthy inspections at our premises.

    Our service gives the customer an opportunity to maintain a fully online-based car sales business, because we process and store the vehicles. Our high-quality sales photos are taken with modern equipment and image editing software.