Mr. Ari Penttinen appointed as COO

Ari Penttinen (52), engineer (vehicle technology and transport), has been appointed as Chief Operating Officer (COO) of SE Mäkinen on 18 August 2022.
Ari has over 25 years of management experience in positions of responsibility in logistics companies. He has worked as the CEO of Kiitosimeon Group for nine years, held a variety of management position in Nurminen Logistics and most recently worked as the director of business development at Kuljetus Silvasti.
Deputy Managing Director Timo Seppä has taken on new employment opportunities outside the organisation. Ari’s responsibilities will be similar to those Timo left behind, and Ari has already been getting acquainted with his duties since the second week in June.
Management changes always lead to the re-evaluation of things and speed up the development of operations. Thus, the timing has in this regard been perfect for SE Mäkinen.