Newsletter on the impacts of coronavirus Covid-19 on SE Mäkinen's operations

The effects of the Coronavirus pandemic on automotive logistics are considerable. SE Mäkinen has implemented a significant number of measures to secure service capacity and minimise risk of infection. Our office staff are working largely from home.
The company's own coronavirus working group has met up weekly online with an aim to establish the correct overview of events and the right measures to avoid disruption to production.  Furthermore, we have created an internal deputy system for the company to ensure that critical operations continue also in the event of wider outbreaks of the virus.
Visits to our production plants are now closed. In Vantaa, the pickup and delivery of vehicles continues as normal with the exchange taking place under the gate staff's instructions and in the immediate vicinity of the gate.
The working hours of our production plants have been extended to 6:00 AM - 10:00 PM with an aim to minimise the risk of infection.
Transport operations continue despite the restrictions in movement between Uusimaa and the rest of the country. Freight also carries on as normal. All our drivers have been defined as society’s key workers.
Our aim is to secure a service with minimal disruption in all circumstances. During the state of emergency over the past two weeks, our supply security has remained high.
With a few exceptions, the whole of Europe's automotive industry has been shut down since last Friday. This has not happened since the Second World War. Once the announced production outages and local authorities' lockdowns have ended, we can expect to face further disruptions before the situation stabilises. SE Mäkinen, in turn, is preparing to adjust its operations and capacity according to the circumstances we face.
The customer services are operating and open as normal. Our customer service team is there to help you with any issues you may have. (0)61558 631
This too shall pass,
Iiro Mäkinen
Managing Director
SE Mäkinen Logistics Oy
+358 9 61558 647