SE Mäkinen to expand its service provision to include the entire vehicle supply chain

SE Mäkinen has negotiated the acquisition of the German freight forwarding company Michael Gröning GmbH & Co. KG. Gröning has more than 35 years of experience of vehicle logistics and particularly of the architecture and solutions for vehicle manufacturers. The company specialises in the Scandinavian, Baltic and Russian markets. Last year the company was in charge of the delivery of more than 55,000 vehicles.
The digitalisation of the vehicle trade and the changes to the distribution network structures will put pressure on vehicle logistics. The acquisition will strengthen SE Mäkinen’s expertise on international vehicle freight forwarding. SE Mäkinen will as a result have a chance to improve the transparency, steerability and performance of its supply chains.   
“The competences of the Gröning team in Lübeck are a perfect addition to the service package available for our customers. The companies have cooperated for decades. Merging the two companies is a natural step to take, because they have a similar value base and the curiosity to develop the industry,” notes CEO Iiro Mäkinen from SE Mäkinen.
“SE Mäkinen as the new owner of the company provides an excellent opportunity for expanding and strengthening Gröning’s services. Gröning’s slogan has always been: Gröning ist Gut. This acquisition by SE Mäkinen will ensure that the company will continue to fulfil this slogan also in the future,” says Michael Gröning, the founder of the company.
With the acquisition, Gröning will change from a partnership to a limited company. The company’s new name will be Gröning Internationale Spedition GmbH. Sven Lohse, the company’s current operative director, has been appointed as the managing director of the new limited company. The company’s founder Michael Gröning will continue as a consultant at the company.
CEO Iiro Mäkinen from SE Mäkinen describes the corporate reorganisation as follows:
 “Vehicle supply chain structures from the factory to the customer are complex, and their management requires in-depth and detailed expertise. The decades of expertise of the staff at Gröning is the silver bullet of this deal. We are honoured to have the opportunity to continue Michael Gröning’s life’s work into a shared future.” 
Further information:
Michael Gröning, +49 171 416 9586
Iiro Mäkinen  +358 40 59 49 572