SE Mäkinen to expand to roadside assistance and vehicle recovery market by acquiring Autoambulance

For the past 20 years, SE Mäkinen has decisively expanded its operations within the value chain of new vehicles. The aim of the current project is to increase the company’s services in the latter stages of the lifespan of vehicles, to attend to the logistical needs of vehicles in use.

Roadside assistance and vehicle recovery services are a specialised industry to which the acquired company, Autoambulance with its excellent fleet and professional staff, is a perfect answer. Furthermore, Autoambulance’s fleet is very well suited to the urgent local transport of vehicles. The fleet also creates new capabilities for us to implement last mile customer deliveries in the increasingly electronic automotive retail market. With the acquisition, SE Mäkinen’s capacity to provide particularly consumer services will strengthen considerably.

“We have for some time been observing the vehicle recovery market with interest. The acquisition of Autoambulance will provide us with a strong entry to a market which we believe will grow in the future. SE Mäkinen’s nationwide delivery network complemented with local recovery functions will increase the performance of the entire delivery system,” says CEO Iiro Mäkinen at SE Mäkinen.

“SE Mäkinen as the new owner secures the desired speed of growth for Autoambulance and improves the company’s ability to serve its customers. We are pleased to continue Autoambulance’s story with the leading vehicle logistics operator in Finland,” explains Jaakko Lohjansalo, the founder of Autoambulance.

As part of the restructuring, the vehicle recovery operations will be transferred to Autoambulance Group Oy, a new company established by SE Mäkinen. Jaakko Lohjansalo will start as the operative director of the new company. The company’s order system, telephone numbers and emails will remain the same.

CEO Iiro Mäkinen from SE Mäkinen describes the corporate acquisition as follows:

“Although the recovery business may appear similar to the vehicle transport operations we have been running for half a century, its nature and execution are very different. It is inspiring to get to take part in developing new operations through Autoambulance in a market that is as close to our main business as this.”

Additional information:

Jaakko Lohjansalo, +358 400 770 132
Iiro Mäkinen, +358 40 59 49 572