SE Mäkinen’s Vantaa logistics compound extension completed

The operative use of the 2.7-hectare Luhtaanmäki Automotive Logistics Compound commenced today, 29 September 2017. The investment is a significant improvement to the compound's capacity. The new area extends the warehousing capacity by approximately 600 vehicles.  

Vantaa Logistics Compound operates as an inland port, through which the flow of new vehicles from all ports along the coastline can be directed to the heart of consumer demand. As the Finnish economy is showing signs of positive development, the investment also creates space for the automotive industry’s future growth.

The logistics compound deals with approximately 30,000 new vehicles annually.

The extension also includes a new junction from the logistics compound to the old Helsinki-Hämeenlinna road. Thus, with the more streamlined traffic through the compound, the operative processes can be developed in new, more efficient ways.

The completed warehousing compound’s standard of equipment and
safety meet the industry’s highest demands. The area is lit by 39 new LED lights and monitored using 32 cameras equipped with the most up-to-date technology. The compound is secured by a fibre optic fence.

At the opening ceremony, CEO Iiro Mäkinen commented the news by saying: “Vehicle processing is space consuming; our company is inspired by the opportunity to invest in the Vantaa Logistics Compound extension, which gives us the total of 13 hectares of operational space. Our aim was to take this opportunity to further promote the automotive industry’s current positive outlook."